How It Works

Read Through How The Site Works


Vistalog is an online innovation and marketing agency company whose aims & objective is to increase product sales of our customers, we are also focused on equipping our customers with updated modern skills. we also allow our customers to upload Thier products or e books on the website to make sales and we pay our promoters through our advanced affiliate marketing system.


SPILLOVER FEATURE: This is a feature where users Benefit from Their Upline or team if it’s active, users can earn 100Naira to 500Naira Spillover randomly any time to Their Affiliate Balance if their Upline is active the sweetest part is that this doesn’t affect the Normal earnings of the Upline (affiliate bonus and indirect), Money Flows into the system!

NEWS AND ARTICLES UPLOAD: this is the VISTALOG BLOG, a section where users can drop Latest gist, articles or educational contents for the public to read… users can attach their social media handles to the articles.

VISTA LUCKY WHEEL: users get to use this feature to earn extra money by spinning a lucky wheel and get what ever the prize they won is!, this activity would be a smooth experience

 VISTA E-COMMERCE FEATURE: More like a Vista Mart, where users buy and sell products, Everybody has access to upload products on this section for free to thousands of users

 VTU ENABILITY: users can purchase data, airtime and do Cable subs with your activity earnings and affiliate earnings and get it swiftly 

TRANSFERRING OF FUNDS: Registered members of VISTALOG can transfer their earnings from one user to another instantly.

RANKS AND INCENTIVES : we will all have ranks on our dashboard and incentives for targets reached! The prize and incentives would be communicated soon. We get to monitor our Ranks progress

GLOBAL ENABILITY: VISTALOG is a worldwide business, anybody from anywhere can sign up and enjoy Vistalog benefits ❤️ and they’ll have a stress fee Withrawal as well and get paid.


🎁Affiliate/Sales commission: We pay you N4000 per invite you made to purchasing and patronizing our services

🎁Derivatives Sales commissionS: We also pay you N300 per invite any of your downlines invite to patronizing our service, and also pay you N100 as third generation sales commissions.

🎁Earnings Via spillover, downlines can earn from UPLINE’S if upline is actively promoting VISTALOG

🎁Daily login of our website also earn you 200

🎁Our users also earn total of 800 by engaging on our daily advert post and vista post, Guides are on YouTube


🎁We pay and reward our Affiliate users their sales commissions directly into their bank account or in USDT directly into their wallet with Minimum withdrawal of N10,000.

🎁Apart from the modern innovations, features and unbeatable values given to our customers by using their Vista cash, We also pay our users their vista cash funds directly into their bank account on the 25th of every month

Who can join VISTALOG ?

VISTALOG is for people ranging from old & youth, irrespective of one’s gender and country. VISTALOG is available for every country

It is for individuals who want to scale up their income, people looking for other legitimate sources of income online by simply making money through networking and through affiliate marketing.

It is also for people that want to acquire and get equipped with the present day skills that’s enough and sufficient to sponsor and encourage financial well being of an individual.

Registration fee cost only ₦5,000 to enjoy every benefits and innovations on VISTALOG

No Renewal Fee of any kind.
No Hidden Fee.
If you’re among the lucky people reading this, this will be the best opportunity you’d come across, online business becomes way too easier when you’re on the right platform, don’t walk out of this week without taking this amazing opportunity. Message any of our vendors on WhatsApp to create your account